I have chosen Suvela as the setting for my case study because of a) its typicality among the Finnish and Scandinavian suburbs and b) its position as a forerunner in the Finnish urban regeneration context.


Suvela is a typical Finnish and Scandinavian suburb in the following sense:

  1. Suvela has been planned mainly during the 60’s and built during the 1970’s like other suburbs (history).
  2. Suvela has a much higher percentage of immigrant inhabitants today than the whole country like other suburbs (multiculturalism).

The typicality of Suvela as a suburb allows me to generalize the results from my case study to apply also other suburbs.


Besides being a good example of numerous Finnish and Scandinavian suburbs by its origin and immigrant population, Suvela has also a rich history of urban regeneration. This creates a delicious background for my case study. I have a chance to compare my own research results with the previous works and set both of them against the factual developments in the area during the many decades.

Suvela works thus as one sort of an urban laboratory, living lab. I can test my ideas in the case study, and if they work, I can claim that they will most probably work also in other suburbs.