Finding any place?

”Finding any Place? Immigrants in city planning and city plans: Case Suvela in Espoo.”

This is the working title of my doctoral thesis that I will tell more about to you in these pages. Working with the doctoral thesis is usually a long and winding road. This is more than true also in my case : ). Even though the journey still continues, the finish line is in the year 2017.

I will offer here some general information about Suvela as well as some preliminary results about my case study under the subject. As the research reaches the end, the results will turn final.

The urban event, the Suvela Bazaar on Sept, 4th -11th in 2016, is connected to my doctoral thesis. I will supplement these pages during the Suvela Bazaar on a daily basis and later on once every fortnight or a month.

So please keep up-to-date and welcome to Suvela!

P.S. Due to some technical problems, these web pages have not opened until today, my deepest apologizes!

The flyer of the Suvela Bazaar in 2016.

The flyer of the Suvela Bazaar in 2016.


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