I have gathered here different kinds of texts that I have produced in connection with my research.


Keski-Espoon sanomat is a free independent newspaper published by Keski-Espoo -seura ry (Central Espoo Society). Its circulation is 30 000 and the paper is distributed in Central Espoo, Tuomarila, Mikkelä, Gumböle, Nuuksio, Pihlajarinne, Ymmersta, Latokaski, Suvela, Kuurinniitty and Kauklahti.

Keski-Espoon sanomat number 2, May 2016. (page 7)

Keski-Espoon sanomat number 3, September 2016. (page 8)

Keski-Espoon sanomat number 4, December 2016. (page 10)

Keski-Espoon sanomat number 2, May 2017. (page 9)


Keski-Espoo -seura asked me to write an article about multiculturalism in the Centre of Espoo for the 30-year-history of the society.

Multiculturalism in the development of the centre of Espoo.
(unfortunately only in Finnish)


I attended a Nordic architectural research symposium in Stockholm on May, 19th-20th and presented there this paper (here without corrigations from the peer-review). The symposium was arranged by The Nordic Association of Architectural Research and the title of the symposium was ”The production of knowledge in architecture By PhD research in Nordic countries”.

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