The core of the built environment in Suvela consists of the following elements:

  1. Street network
    • Sunantie and Suvelantie as feeding streets to Suvela
    • the main street Kirstintie and the pedestrian street Kirstinharju as parallel streets
    • Sokinsuontie as a crossing side street to Kirstintie
  2. Areas
    • Kirstinharju
    • Sokinvuori
    • Jouppi (Joupinmäki and Joupinlaakso)
  3. Buildings
    • Kirsti school and youth centre
    • Suvela kindergarten
    • Community centre of Suvela
    • Old chapel of Suvela
    • New chapel of Suvela
    • Suvela shopping centre
    • Alepa on Kirstintie
    • Bar Satulinna
  4. Parks
    • Residents’ park of Suvela
    • Suvela park