The shorter, the better

KirjakasaEveryone who has written something, knows that it is far more easier to write a long story than a short story. This is why we often bump into unnecessarily long texts, when we are desperately seeking an outline instead.

Scientific texts are a good example of this. Research literature is too often too long to be read, no matter how eloquently it may have been written. I dare to declare that even the thickest books could be compressed to a few core sentences. That is at least what you remember of the book after a week, let alone after a year – or years as it is in my case.

I know how paradoxical I may sound: I praise short scientific texts but at the same time prefer a monograph instead of a bundle of handy articles in my own research. Why? Firstly, articles often fail in showing the big picture. Secondly, a monograph does not automatically mean an opus of over 200 pages in my opinion. You just have to concentrate more carefully on your core message – otherwise you end up with one more thick book to go. I have been thinking that it must be somehow part of our common human nature to explain everything a little more complicated with outpouring sentences. The other explanation is that it is just a bad habit of us mediocre kind of people. Whatever the reason, I have found this tendency in myself too.

This is exactly why I am creating these netpages: They help me crystallize, what is essential in my own research – my very own dear case study – and help me kill my darlings. It is up to you to evaluate at the end, whether I have succeeded in it or not.

This is also exactly why I am closing my posting right here. The threat is that some of us do not care even of simple outlines. If the text becomes too long, they do perfectly well with only pictures.


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