When does it end?

It is exactly a year ago when I wrote here last. No, I haven’t quit the research – thing called Life just intervened. At first as a shift from a full-time student to a full-time city planner, then from a full-time city planner to a full-time lecturer. I have been wondering throughout the past year, how in all the world is it possible to find time for closing up the case study and finishing the whole research despite all these changes?

Ok, there are people who manage to do all this at the same time and even more. I bet most of them are women. They say that women’s mind is like a funnel cake that allows them to do several things simultaneously – in other words to multitask. Well, I don’t have it. I can concentrate fully only on one thing at a time. I guess this makes me a man who is said to have a one-track mind instead of a funnel cake.

To tell you the truth, the real reason that my research has been on a sidetrack for a whole year, is that I am just so slow in thinking and doing. Furthermore, when your research is advancing distressingly slow, you start paying attention to other fascinating things that this world is full of, and so you get astray.

So, here I am again, after a year, trying to round up everything again and wondering: When will the research come to an end?


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