Writing = Thinking

Writing during the research process is vital for thinking. Even if I do not aim at an article dissertation (consisting of several articles in scientific publications) but a monograph (a single publication of its own), I have tried to write something about my topic anyway.

It does not matter if these texts are targeted at non-scientific audience. As a matter of fact, I believe it is even an advantage: You have to put your thoughts in a simplest form possible so that even a wo/man in the street can understand them.

I also believe that the scientific language could and should be stripped off its disguise in many sciences, especially in humanities. Too often things could be said in a much more simplified form. If you are sure about yourself and the things you are saying, you do not need to resort to research Latin. And I do not mean here that you should cut through so much that you end up twisting the truth. Just avoid playing the game of concepts and using intricate and quirky sentences to start with.

You have a magnificent opportunity to test if I have managed to follow my own rules in these pages. I have just added under the heading ’Articles’ different kinds of texts which I have originally written to be used somewhere else: in a local paper, in a history or in a conference. Even though the texts vary and the audiences change, the main message should still be the same.


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